Prepping Is Easier than Ever

If you’ve been on the fence about starting a prepper program to protect yourself and your family, you’ll be glad to hear that prepping is easier than ever!

Years ago, it was a bit different. The concept of preparing for the unthinkable was intimidating. Everyone had different opinions about how to start and what to do. Survival products were hard to find.

Preppers were looked at as somewhat neurotic individuals out in the woods somewhere, wearing cammies and digging up strange herbs out of the earth.  

Today, it’s completely different. Emergency preparedness is the new cool.

It’s never been easier—or more accepted—to create and implement a strategic survival plan that can bring considerable peace of mind to you and your family.

Here are 8 major reasons why:

#1:  Mainstream Media Has Made It Acceptable.

The past few years has seen a number of successful cable TV shows built around the concept of prepping and survivalism. Shows like Doomsday Preppers, Survivorman, Man Vs Wild and over a dozen more helped to introduce the concept to millions of viewers everywhere.

Equally important, mass media coverage of natural disasters like the 2005 hurricane Katrina or even COVID-19 (remember the bare shelves at supermarkets?) demonstrated the need for families to have emergency programs in place should SHTF.

You no longer have to feel you’re engaging in a “weird” or controversial practice when you’re a prepper. Today more than ever, people understand what prepping is and why it’s a good idea.

#2: Affordability—You Can Prepare On Any Budget.

Prepping does not have to be expensive. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy buckets of food that will last 25 years—though that can be part of your program if you so choose and if it fits your budget.

prepping is easier than ever

Essential items for a well-planned prepper pantry can be as inexpensive as bottled water from your local supermarket. In fact, you could build a great prepper program based upon locally available products alone.

Canned and dehydrated foods are major staples of prepping, all easily available, all very affordable.

If you have the budget, you can order countless other, somewhat more expensive supplies online.

Your pocketbook should never stop you from getting started.

#3: The Internet Can Show You the Way.

If you’ve done any online searches on prepping, you have already found the vast amount of tips, strategies and programs you can use to build your program.

Whether you’re interested in preparing only for “modest” disasters such as local flooding that cuts off your road to the grocery store or tornadoes that may devastate your community, or “major” disasters such as an EMP attack that takes out the power grid, the internet has many great info sites to help you prepare.  

These sites can help you begin, teach you essential skills, create realistic plans, and take your disaster program to the next level.

#4: Readymade Supplies Are Now Everywhere.

It used to be that survivalist-supplies were hard to find.

Today, at everywhere from food stores to hardware stores, you’ll find readymade survivalist supplies that can become the core ingredients in your program.

Need a way to dehydrate fruits and vegetables? Amazon has tons of products for you.

Need fire starters, water storage containers, shelving, bug out bags, etc.? All kinds of products are now being sold either locally or online for your convenience.

#5: You’re No Longer Alone.

Not so long ago, finding like-minded preppers was a challenge. Prepping was not exactly a topic you could bring up in casual conversations and find a receptive audience.

But that too has changed.

Today you can find communities of preppers both online and even locally. Connecting with them is now as simple as picking up the phone or going online.

Online, you can find friendly, knowledgeable prepper communities on social media platforms like Facebook or Reddit ( search /r/preppers), or in any number of online blogs or forums.

Many of these groups also have local chapters or meetups, great ways to connect with people who share your same interests.

#6: You Can Tailor Your Plans To Your Preferences.

There’s no one ways to build a prepper program. No one’s going to be judging you. The beauty of prepping is that you can do it according to your individual lifestyle and circumstances.

No one will demand you stock up on 3 months of drinking water or 12 months of bucket food.

As preppers, we tend to be independent thinkers. We recognize that our way is not necessarily the only way. We love to share what works for us, but we don’t demand you do exactly what we do.

#7: Prepping Is No Longer a Luxury.

Changing global situations have made prepping a necessity. So when you hear foreign powers ramp up their nuclear threats, or when you see millions of illegal immigrants crossing our borders unchecked, the choice to prep is easier than ever.

Improvements to your self-defense options (i.e., basic firearm protection) or the creation of a well-stocked bugout bag become more urgent as international news grows more threatening.

Listen to the news on any given day and see if that doesn’t compel you to take some sort of defensive action for the safety of your family. It certainly does for us.

#8: DIY Gadgets Give You More Power Over Your Survival.

The final reason why prepping is easier than ever is technology. A rash of new DIY gadgets have come to the market over the past few years that make your prepping work a breeze.

Take, for example, backup power grids. You can find online DIY articles detailing exactly how to create a simple, inexpensive power grid as backup should your regular utility go offline.

Need a water filter you can make out of materials you already have around the house?

How about an ordinary DIY fish hook that can put tonight’s dinner on the table?

Or a way to make fire without a lighter?

All of these and countless more DIY tips and gadgets are available online when you search for them.

No More Excuses: Prepping Is Easier Than Ever.

Thanks to evolving interest in prepping and the contributions of technology, it’s truly easier than ever to get started.

It’s fun. It’s rewarding. It’s what your family needs. We encourage you to begin today.

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