Build an Outdoor Cooking Fire Pit with Concrete Blocks in 8 Easy Steps

Are you looking to build an outdoor cooking fire pit with concrete blocks and need a step-by-step guide? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This won’t be one of those challenging projects that require to you be a master builder with a Ph.D. in fire pit construction. We aim to make this a straightforward project—as easy as 1-2-3 (or, in this case, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8)! All you need for this project is a four-bagger of concrete blocks, a few common tools, and a little guidance from this post. We are confident that anyone—even those of you who don’t regularly tackle DIY projects—can build an outdoor cooking fire pit that you and your guests will enjoy for many years to come! Let’s get started!

Quick Overview

Building an outdoor cooking fire pit from concrete blocks is a simple yet effective process. Start by obtaining the necessary materials and then stack the blocks in a desired pattern, using cement to hold them securely together.

Gathering Tools and Materials to Construct a Fire Pit

Gathering the tools and materials required for constructing a fire pit out of concrete blocks is not difficult; however, it needs to be completed carefully. A shopping list of supplies will help ensure that you have all the necessary elements before beginning your project. For the most part, all the tools and materials can be purchased at your local hardware store or home improvement center.

You will need a set of shovels, a wheelbarrow, and a level to create the shape and form of your fire pit. Concrete blocks, sand, and gravel are also necessary for laying the foundation. Depending on the size of your fire pit you may need extra blocks and/or materials. Additionally, safety items including safety glasses, gloves, protective clothing, dust masks and face protection should be worn during the construction process to protect from injury.

Although gathering tools and materials can take some time, it does not need to be expensive. Quality does matter when selecting the items for this project so choosing mid-range products is usually recommended for sturdy construction results. It is important to remember that inferior materials may result in more work on re-maintenance in the future; thus, extra expense.–

Once you have gathered all the materials needed to build your fire pit you are ready to begin construction. The following section will discuss what steps you will need to take in order to successfully build an outdoor cooking fire pit with concrete blocks.

What You Will Need for Building

Building an outdoor cooking fire pit with concrete blocks can be a rewarding undertaking–you will be able to enjoy your finished project for years to come. Before beginning this project, it is important to make sure you have all of the supplies and tools necessary for the job. The following is an outline of materials and tools needed for this particular build.


– Concrete blocks

– Mortar mix (a combination of cement and sand)

– 6” landscape fabric

– Gravel


– Tape measure

– Flathead shovel

– Spirit level

– Hoe

– Trowel or pointing tool

– Cement trowel

– Protective eyewear, gloves, and clothing

– Safety precautions such as wetting down any dry spots before lighting the fire.

When choosing the type of concrete block to use, one must carefully consider the size, weight, and amount of insulation they require. Some types of concrete blocks may provide better insulation than others, while still being cost effective. Additionally, certain blocks may be designed specifically for outdoor projects like constructing a fire pit; these should be taken into consideration if available in your area. Ultimately, the decision regarding which block to use depends on personal preference and desired outcome for the build.

Now that you are fully prepared with all the necessary materials and tools for building an outdoor fire pit with concrete blocks, it’s time to move onto making a design and layout for your fire pit.

Key Points to Know

Building an outdoor fire pit with concrete blocks can be a rewarding undertaking, but it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary materials and tools before beginning. Materials required include concrete blocks, mortar mix, landscape fabric, gravel, and a flathead shovel; tools required include a tape measure, spirit level, hoe, trowel or pointing tool, cement trowel, protective eyewear and clothing, and safety precautions. The right type of concrete block should also be selected based on size, weight, insulation needs, and desired outcome. Once all the supplies are ready, create a design and layout for your fire pit.

Making a Design and Layout for the Fire Pit

Making a Design and Layout for the Fire Pit involves both practical measures, as well as aesthetic considerations. To practically measure the area where you will be constructing the fire pit, use graph paper that is finely divided into 1-inch squares. Measure out circles that represent the inside diameter of your fire pit. Plan on having an inside diameter of at least 24 inches; this will allow plenty of room to make a safe cooking area. The outside diameter should be at least 3 inches greater. Consider whether you would like to have seating around your fire pit. If so, plan to use 16” seat wall blocks that are placed around the outer edge of the firepit’s wall blocks.

When it comes to design and aesthetics, there are countless options to choose from in terms of shapes, colors, and textures of materials used. There is no wrong way when it comes to choosing these details, but consider that some designs such as stepped or angled walls can require more coordination when constructing and may increase complexity. Similarly if you want to incorporate glass into the design or perhaps decorative tile or river rocks, be sure to plan for these additions upfront.

Finally, once you have decided on your design and measurements for your fire pit, you will need to mark out the traced circle area clearly with spray paint so that you can accurately measure and construct according to plan during the next step. With a convincing design and detailed layout for your concrete block fire pit ready to go, you are now ready to move onto measuring the circle area.

Measuring the Circle Area

In order to build a circular fire pit with concrete blocks, you need to first measure the circle area. Whether you plan on making a large or small radius fire pit, it is important to accurately measure the circle radius and mark the circumference with stakes and string. At minimum, the diameter should be three feet to ensure an adequate fire size.

When measuring your circle area, make sure to use measuring tape for an accurate distance reading. Some homeowners opt for a more practical solution such as using a piece of rope or clothesline string the same length as the desired radius and then mapping out the circumference by walking its perimeter. This method takes longer but could be suitable if you only have access to limited supplies.

No matter which method you choose, it is important to remember that measurement accuracy will pay off in the end result of your outdoor cooking fire pit structure. By measuring correctly, it will ensure proper alignment of blocks and create symmetrical shape. Once the circle is finished being outlined, it is time to move onto constructing a fire pit of concrete blocks.

Constructing a Fire Pit of Concrete Blocks

Constructing a Fire Pit of Concrete Blocks is an affordable, straightforward method of creating an outdoor gathering place. The key components are the blocks themselves and some gravel. When put together properly, these components create a beautiful and stable fire pit that can be used for both cooking and heating.

When selecting concrete blocks, look for blocks that are designed for building walls or other structures as opposed to just decoration or landscaping projects. You’ll want blocks that are designed to stack securely on top of each other and hold multiple layers of mortar. Also, think about how large you want the fire pit to be and purchase enough blocks to accomplish the size you desire.

Next, decide if you wish to line the bottom of your fire pit with gravel for increased stabilization or ventilation. This will depend on preference or the use of your fire pit, such as if you plan to cook over an open flame. If adding gravel is desired, be sure to select stones small enough so they can fit into spaces between the block while still leaving plenty of airspace within the creation.

Once you have carefully chosen your supplies, it’s time to begin constructing your fire pit! It is now time to introduce the following section:

Steps for Building the Firepit: Assemble all the necessary material together and follow these 8 easy steps to construct a sturdy outdoor cooking fire pit.

Steps for Building the Firepit

When building an outdoor cooking fire pit with concrete blocks, steps must be taken in order to complete the project successfully. First, find a level location that is away from combustible materials and structures. Clear any vegetation or debris from the area to prepare for construction. Gather enough of the proper type of concrete blocks to construct the desired shape and size for the fire pit. One possibility is a square-shaped design that is several blocks wide and tall; another option is a rectangular “L” shaped design.

Use a hammer and masonry bit to drill holes in each concrete block. These holes promote drainage and ventilation within the fire pit. Place the first layer of blocks on the leveled ground, ensuring that all blocks within this layer are properly aligned and securely fit against one another. The next layer should consist of completely interlocked blocks that come over the top edge of the first layer. Continue alternating layers until reaching the desired height. For greater stability, consider layering diagonally. It’s also helpful to overlap outside corners slightly with each added layer instead of simply stacking them together like bricks.

Some individuals may choose to use mortar along with or even instead of interlocking when assembling the walls, though this is largely a matter of personal preference. If used, apply mortar liberally on block joints and stack fresh blocks onto it immediately so they adhere while it’s still wet. Regardless of whether or not mortar is used during assembly, any gaps between blocks or at the top edge must be filled with loose stone or other appropriate material for safety reasons. Make sure there are no large gaps between blocks where flames might escape from, as that would pose a fire hazard.

Once assembled, cover the floor with gravel for further drainage and spread sand around for additional insulation within the firepit itself. To finish off, surround your new outdoor cooking fire pit with several benches or chairs for seating comfort and relaxation during those summer evenings spent outdoors grilling delicious food for friends and family alike!

Next we will discuss adding grilling and cooking tools to your newly built outdoor cooking fire pit with concrete blocks, allowing you to make out-of-this world meals!

  • Concrete blocks are an ideal material for building a fire pit due to their strength, durability, and ability to withstand high temperatures.
  • According to the National Fire Protection Association, outdoor fire pits should be built at least 10 feet away from any combustible materials and 25 feet away from buildings.
  • Building a fire pit out of concrete blocks can be done relatively quickly and easily with no specialized equipment or expertise required.

Adding Grilling and Cooking Tools

Adding grilling and cooking tools is the next step for building an outdoor cooking fire pit with concrete blocks. Depending on your needs and budget, you may opt to buy pre-made grates, barbecue grills, or camp stoves. It is important to check local regulations regarding outdoor cooking before shopping for these items to be sure that you are not in violation of any laws or ordinances.

On the other hand, some people prefer to build their own grill and/or stove out of materials they have lying around like chunks of metal or old cast iron pans. Not only is this approach more economical, it also allows individuals to personalize their setup and create a unique setup perfectly suited to their needs.

No matter which route you choose, one thing is certain: adding these essential tools will greatly improve your experience when cooking over an open fire outside. Now that the necessary equipment has been acquired, it’s time to move on to the next step in creating a successful outdoor cooking experience: creating a fire pit from concrete blocks.

Creating a Fire Pit is an Easy Project

Building an outdoor fire pit with concrete blocks is a project that anyone can undertake, even with minimal experience in construction or masonry. This type of project does not require any special tools and can be completed quickly for a relatively low cost. With just eight simple steps, you can have a functional fire pit to enjoy in your own backyard.

On the one hand, many would agree that creating a fire pit is fairly simple and inexpensive if all you’re looking for are basic features. All you need are some concrete blocks, dry mix for mortar, an edging material like small stones or bricks, and the necessary tools—just about any weekend warrior can construct a fire pit in less than half a day with the proper preparation.

On the other hand, turning the plain concrete blocks into something aesthetically pleasing can be more challenging. While the goal may simply be to build something that serves its purpose and functions properly, it’s worth considering how materials interact and how this relates to design elements when working on larger projects like outdoor fire pits. Moreover, having a plan before beginning the project along with choosing good quality materials will ensure durability of your build and make it last longer.

In conclusion, building an outdoor fire pit with concrete blocks is relatively easy to do and not necessarily expensive but still requires some level of craftsmanship and planning beforehand to bring out the most aesthetic value from it. In the next section we’ll review the process outlined above in further detail before reaching our final conclusion.

Conclusion and Overall Review

When it comes to building an outdoor cooking fire pit with concrete blocks, the task can be completed fairly quickly following an eight step process. This project is intended as a do-it-yourself endeavor and the tools required are inexpensive and easy to find. With that said, there are some important aspects to keep in mind. It is critical to abide by all local guidelines and safety regulations when creating any type of permanent fire structure, like a fire pit. It is also important to be familiar with the necessary materials prior to starting the project such as concrete blocks, sand, gravel, mortar, sealer, outdoor grill, and protective gloves.

Though building an outdoor cooking fire pit with concrete blocks may not appear to be complicated initially, this project requires precision and attention to detail throughout the entire process. First-time builders should consider obtaining help from someone who has experience in working with cement or masonry repair; however there are plenty of resources available online for those wishing to take on the project independently.

Overall, having an outdoor cooking fire pit is beneficial for anyone wanting to enjoy their time outdoors. A well-maintained fire pit offers a source of heat during cool nights while providing entertainment during outdoor gatherings. If constructed properly using the correct materials and steps outlined above, it will provide years of service and enjoyment.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions with Explanations

What materials are required to build an outdoor fire pit with concrete blocks?

In order to build an outdoor fire pit with concrete blocks, you will need the following materials:

1. Concrete blocks – these come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can choose the one that works best for the design of your fire pit

2. Trowel – this tool is essential for leveling out the surface where you plan to place your blocks

3. Mortar mix – this is used to secure the blocks together

4. Landscaping fabric/pea gravel – these materials underneath the blocks help provide drainage, which reduces cracking

5. Finishing material (stucco, brick, stone, etc.) – this helps give your fire pit a more finished look

6. Shovel – this is needed to dig a hole for the fire pit if necessary

7. Fire-resistant mortar or silicone caulk – this helps keep water away from your fire pit and prevents it from rusting or corroding

8. Safety glasses, gloves and other protective gear – these are important when handling any type of combustible material

How can I ensure the safety of my outdoor fire pit made from concrete blocks?

Ensuring the safety of your outdoor fire pit made from concrete blocks is critical for preventing accidents, such as burns or fires. Here are a few tips to keep your fire pit safe:

1. Always place your fire pit away from any structures, overhangs or trees that may catch fire. Make sure it’s in a flat, open surface with no obstructions.

2. Choose appropriate materials for your fire pit. Concrete blocks can withstand high temperatures and the direct heat of flames, but other materials may not do the same.

3. When possible, surround the fire pit with a metal grate to contain sparks and embers that may escape during operation.

4. Keep buckets of water and/or sand close by in case of an emergency. Additionally, consider investing in a fire extinguisher and having it on hand when operating the fire pit.

5. Never leave an open flame unattended and make sure to fully extinguish your fire before leaving the area with water or sand before leaving it unattended.

By following these safety steps, you can ensure that your outdoor cooking fire pit made from concrete blocks will stay safe and effective for long-term use!

What are the steps involved in constructing an outdoor fire pit from concrete blocks?

1. Choose a location: Select the ideal spot for your outdoor fire pit. Make sure to pick an area away from overhanging tree branches, nearby buildings and other combustible materials. Make sure to also leave enough space around the fire pit for seating and other activities.

2. Gather supplies: You will need concrete blocks of varying sizes, gravel, sand and brick or stone pavers to construct your outdoor cooking fire pit. Additionally, you will need a bag of ready-mix concrete and some basic tools such as gloves, hammer, level, trowel and builder’s line.

3. Measure and outline the pit: Using a string or builder’s line and stakes, mark out the perimeter of the fire pit using the longer concrete blocks. To make sure everything is level, attach a spirit level to one side of the block and adjust until it is placed correctly.

4. Dig the foundation: Remove any grass or weeds from the planned site and dig at least 12 inches deep making sure to keep dimensions even with the outline formed by the blocks. Fill this hole up with 5-6″ of gravel for drainage purposes then tamp down firmly with a plate compactor if necessary. Finish the layer off with around 4-5″ of sand for an even base layer.

5. Lay block foundation: Begin constructing your wall by laying down short concrete blocks in one layer around your outline followed by second standing row overlapping in between each first line block making sure that they are tightly locked together ensuring stability while also leaving enough space between them for air intake (as seen in image below). After placing one layer of blocks, fill up inside cavities with ready-mixed concrete until top surface is level and let dry thoroughly (at least 24 hours).

6. Add second layer of blocks: To give extra support to your outdoor kitchen fire pit, add a second standing layer of blocks on top of first row 0ffsetting each joint by 1/3rd between layers forming “stretcher” pattern (as depicted below). Use additional bags of ready mix cement for filling any cavities created when stacking more blocks on top and let them dry completely before moving onto next step.

7. Add decorative pieces: Give your DIY outdoor fire pit an attractive finish by adding brick or stone pavers along rim creating a border like effect around entire project area (as seen below) and grouting them in place using ready mix mortar (following instructions provided on packaging).

8. Fireproof: Cover entire exterior wall surface of fire pit (not just rim!) with heat resistant paint in order to protect against high temperatures during cooking sessions and allowing

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