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Prepper Must-Have: Stock Up on Peanut Butter for Survival

Peanut butter: Often overlooked for its potential to act as a prepper must-have, when it comes to survival, peanut butter might just leave you feeling …

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Prepper Shopping List: Top 10 Items to Buy from a Dollar Store

If you are into prepping, chances are you’re game for a bit of frugal shopping. And, when it comes to prepping for disasters, the dollar …





Ready to plant your garden?
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Preparing To Plant Your Garden In 10 Simple, Effortless Steps

The idea of preparing to plant your garden may be a stretch if you still see snow flakes outside your window, but we promise you, …

building a DIY greenhouse
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Building a DIY Greenhouse 1-2-3!

How many times have you thought about building a DIY greenhouse, but have been put off by the cost or complexity? Greenhouses are great ways …

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